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Using OpenAPI Codegen for TypeScript to Generate Client Code and Automate Testing

This basic guide will walk you through using OpenAPI Codegen to generate TypeScript client code from an OpenAPI specification, creating a test client, and automating test cases with Jest. We will also show you how to set up essential scripts in your `package.json` file to streamline the development and testing process. As our example, we'll use the Petstore API specification.

API Design-First Development: A Quality Engineer's Insight

API design-driven development is an approach where the design and documentation of application programming interfaces (APIs) take precedence before implementing the rest of the software. It promotes collaboration, early validation, and reusability of APIs, making them a central building block in the development process. This approach ensures consistency, scalability, and adaptability in modern software development.

The Benefits of Using OpenAPI Codegen for API Testing: A QE Perspective

In the realm of Quality Engineering (QE), ensuring the reliability and robustness of APIs is crucial. The landscape of API testing tools has evolved significantly in recent years, and one noteworthy addition to the arsenal of QE professionals is OpenAPI Codegen. This powerful tool can streamline the API testing process, improve collaboration, and enhance the overall quality of your applications.