Projects and Boilerplates

These projects are personal in nature, and I haven't consistently made the effort to publish them. However, I'm willing to share some that could be beneficial to others.

  • Test

    Testingfly API Testing Framework

    This Java-based API testing framework is designed to streamline the process of testing APIs while leveraging the power of Excel as a data source. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, this framework is data-driven, making it easy to set up and run tests quickly.

    API Testing Framework

  • Playwright Testing Framework

    Playwright Boilerplate code with Angular, Jest and Allure Reporting

    This is a Playwright boilerplate codebase that includes Angular, Jest, and Allure Reporting, making it easy to set up and execute end-to-end tests for your Angular applications. With Playwright's automation capabilities, Jest's testing framework, and Allure Reporting's detailed and visually appealing reports, you can efficiently test your Angular application.

    Playwright Boilerplate with Angular, Jest and Allure

  • Test

    Project Metrics Dashboard

    Create an insightful metrics dashboard using the Python Dash framework to display Jira metrics, offering an overview of project health, performance, and more. This versatile tool can be applied to any project utilizing Jira for enhanced project management and decision-making.

    Python Dash Metrics

  • Anuglar DotNet

    Angular DotNet Core Playwright Boilerplate

    The Angular DotNet Core Playwright Boilerplate is a starting template for web application development. It combines Angular for the front-end, .NET Core for the back-end, and Playwright for end-to-end testing.

    Angular DotNet

  • TypeORM

    TypeORM Database Seeding

    Seeding your database is a crucial step in the application development process. It not only simplifies prototyping but also eases the transition to a production environment. Whether you're in the early stages of ideation or have a fully-fledged application, database seeding can be a game-changer. In this guide, we will walk you through how to seed your database using TypeORM and TypeORM Seeding, focusing on creating random data and establishing relationships.

    TypeORM Seeding