SOAPUI and Maven Integration for Test Automation

Integrating Maven Build System to your existing SOAPUI framework is pretty straightforward with little effort required. However, the benefits are huge especially if it is also coupled with Jenkins for Continuous Test Support. This tutorial focuses only on the Maven integration aspect with a separate one to address the Jenkins Integration.

The integration of the Maven build process coupled with a CI framework like Jenkins opens up the door for automatic deployments to support an agile software development process that delivers frequent release versions with continuous test support.

Given below are the requirements to run a SOAPUI test via Maven -

  1. pom.xml file with the maven plugin and other dependencies defined if used (e.g. surefire report for reporting)
  2. SOAPUI project file or folder (if using a composite project)
  3. License if using a Pro version

Once the steps above are complete, simply invoking the maven command will execute the SOAPUI test. Example: mvn test
Given below is a sample POM file with surefire support for reporting -

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