Cucumber BDD Framework with Java for Test Automation

What is Behavior Driven Development or BDD?
BDD is an approach for building a shared understanding on what software to build by working through examples and use cases.It helps you describe what you want the system to do by talking through example behaviors. Work from the outside-in to implement those behaviors using the examples to validate what’s being built.

Key Benefits of BDD?
BDD is an abstraction of TDD (Test Driven Development). They both essentially follow the same practices, but, BDD focuses more on the behavior of application, rather than the implementation, using a language where stakeholders can participate and collaborate.
Given below are some key benefits:

  • Better collaboration and communication within all stake holders
  • A shared language ensures everyone (technical or not) has thorough visibility into the project’s progression
  • Comprehensible and useable without programming expertise.
  • Fewer Defects
  • Living Documentation
  • Proven platform for Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)

Cucumber based BDD Workflow

What is Cucumber and Gherkin?
Cucumber: It is a BDD tool/framework for collaboration between all members of the team. It offers a way to write tests that anybody can understand, regardless of their technical knowledge. Cucumber first and foremost is a collaboration tool aiming for a common understanding across all members of a team. Cucumber features should be written before the code implementing the feature. When you work with BDD writing examples, regression tests are a by-product.

Gherkin: Gherkin is the language that Cucumber understands. It is a Business Readable, Domain Specific Language that lets you describe software's behavior without detailing how that behavior is implemented. Gherkin serves two purposes — documentation and automated tests.

The business facing parts of a Cucumber test suite , known as feature files must be written following the Gherkin syntax.

BDD-Cucumber Example using the Gherkin Syntax

# feature/search_product.feature
Feature: Search Product
As a user I want to be able to search products
and see listing based on the search criteria

ScenarioUser searches for a product on the Amazon site
When user searches for a product
Then user receives a listing of matching products

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